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Man walks through debris

Samoa Tsunami Appeal 2009

The British Red Cross launched the Samoa Tsunami Appeal in support of the small, isolated and vulnerable communities that urgently needed help.

View from a headland overlooking Onagawa seafront - while most rubble has been cleared, reconstruction has not yet begun

One year on: the Red Cross continues to help Japan recover

11 Mar 2012

A year after Japan was devastated by an earthquake, tsunami and ongoing problems at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, the Red Cross is still helping survivors in need of support.

Japanese Red Cross worker surveys quake destruction

What we’re doing in Japan

Find out how we're helping after the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on 11 March causing widespread destruction and suffering.

Japanese Red Cross volunteer sitting with elderly quake survivor

Japan tsunami and quake survivors face uncertain future

09 Sep 2011

Six months on from an earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan, the Red Cross has provided household goods to 91,000 families.

Houses on fire surrounded by tsunami water

Japan: Red Cross helps quake and tsunami survivors

17 Mar 2011

Red Cross workers are treating the injured and distributing relief items in the aftermath of a massive quake and tsunami which hit Japan on 11 March.

Woman holding a child in front of a group working on the floor

Asia Pacific: four disasters, six months on

26 Mar 2010

Six months on from a number of disasters in the Asia Pacific region, severely affecting nine million people, recovery remains a challenge.

An aid truck is driven out of the back of a plane

How we helped after the 2009 Asia Pacific disasters

We launched an urgent appeal for the millions of people affected by a series of disasters in the region. Find out how we used the money raised.

Young girl sits on a log over a flooded street in the Philippines

Why we needed your help after the 2009 Asia Pacific disasters

Almost two thousand people died and millions were left in urgent need of help after a series of devastating disasters across the region.

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