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A Tunisian man and child cross the border into Tunisia from Libya

One year of helping across the Middle East and north Africa

13 Mar 2012

The Libya & Region Appeal is now closed. See some of the ways we've helped people across Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen since February 2011.

A Tunisian child is carried by his father, crossing into Tunisia

How we helped in Libya and the region

As civil unrest continues in the Arab world, thousands of people have been killed or injured. Find out how we’re helping people in a desperate situation.

Staff & volunteers at Tunisia-Libya transit camp

Red Cross needs funds to help injured in Syria

09 Aug 2011

As violence in Syria escalates, the Red Cross is appealing for funds to provide vital ongoing medical support for the affected population.

An Egyptian refugee pulls his belongings at a refugee camp near the Tunisia/Libya border

Red Crescent help for people fleeing Libya

02 Mar 2011

As thousands of people continue to flee Libya, the Red Cross and Red Crescent have been working at the country’s borders to help those fleeing the unrest.

Libyan Red Crescent workers treating injured man

Libya: Red Cross aid reaches Misrata

19 Apr 2011

As fighting in Libya continues, international aid from the Red Cross is reaching some of the most dangerous areas.

A Bangladeshi refugee collecting water from a puddle

British Red Cross emergency team heads to Libyan border

15 Mar 2011

A Red Cross emergency hygiene and sanitation team is on its way to Tunisia to help people who have fled civil war in neighbouring Libya.

A Tunisian man and child cross the border into Tunisia from Libya

Humanitarian needs increase in Libyan civil war

10 Mar 2011

As the threat of all-out civil war looms in Libya, there is an urgent need for more relief as people flee the country.

Libyan Red Crescent workers treating injured man

Libya: civilians at high risk amid escalating conflict

21 Mar 2011

The Red Cross is deeply concerned about the intensification of fighting in Libya, with the risk to civilian lives.

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