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Volunteering in Norway

Placements abroad

Find out about international projects that are open to volunteers aged between 18 and 30 who live in the UK.

Woman in a wheelchair laughing with her grandaughter

Mobility aids

We provide short-term loans of wheelchairs and toilet aids.

Smiling young children in a classroom

Awards and qualifications for young people

Find out about the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, NVQs and Youth Achievement Awards.

A woman sits indoors

Debt and darkness at the top of the stairs

In a dark room at the top of three flights of crumbling, water-logged stairs, Ameena sits with her two severely disabled sons.

A man stands beside a concrete building

From bullets to the breadline

When stepping out of his front door meant facing a storm of gunfire, Marwan knew he had to leave.

Hundreds of families stuck in the mud

In northern Lebanon, a cluster of home-made tents in a muddy field is home for about 100 Syrian refugee families.

Victoria Watts walks over a bridge in an open garden

Volunteer at Open Gardens

We're in need of volunteer garden co-ordinators, and additional volunteers to help on the day in all local areas.

A woman flips bread in her hands

When home means plastic sheets

“All the houses in our neighbourhood have been flattened now. Completely flattened.”

First world war nurses

British Red Cross launches digital A-Z archive of First World War volunteers

25 Apr 2016

British Red Cross launches digital A-Z archive of First World War voluntary aid detachments (VADs), who cared for the sick and wounded during the First World War.

Young people at a meeting

Work experience for young people

A one-week work experience placement could help you gain skills and experience that will prepare you for the working world.

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