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Nadia's story: "I nearly gave up my sons"

Nadia*, 43, has come to the Ajlun branch of the Jordanian Red Crescent with her 16-year-old daughter Wade and her twin sons Ali and Omar, aged five. Ali and Omar are both severely disabled. 

She says: “We made our escape over the mountains, walking for five hours. I came with 17 members of my family. Many people came – there were 5,000 people at the same time making this journey.

“I had to give my sons sleeping pills to make the journey. I had been carrying them for four days when we made the journey, I had pain in both my arms. During the journey I nearly gave up my sons. I was so exhausted I wanted, just for a moment, to leave them behind. I had 14 children with me when I made this journey, one of them is my grandchild."

"My home was destroyed"

Nadia says: “We have been here in Ajlun for 18 days. We are paying rent of 120JD. The apartment is unfurnished; we have nothing, not even basic items, not even mattresses to put my boys on to sleep. There are 16 of us in two rooms and one corridor. When we lived in Syria each family had their own house, but now we are living together. My home was destroyed.

“I have seen people killed. There was bombing. My father died 10 days ago. He was in Der’a and he refused to leave. We need food, diapers, we need mattresses. We don’t even have pillows, or enough clothes to use to make pillows. We are very worried about the winter season.

“My 14-year-old daughter had to leave school to help me with her brothers – they need care all the time. My other daughter, she was in the third year of her four-year mathematics degree. She had to leave her course in Damascus, and now she is here with us. Not being able to continue her studies makes her very upset – she cries often. It is a very frustrating situation.”

The Jordanian Red Crescent is helping the family, bringing some clothing, items for the children and a full kit of household items for the family. This includes items like cooking pots and pans, the things that people often cannot bring when they flee.

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*Name changed to protect identity.