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Ruba's story: our home in Syria is gone

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Ruba, 35, has come to the Jordanian Red Crescent in Amman to register for help. She is here with her two children – Saed, five, and Mousa, two. She arrived in Jordan just 15 days ago.

She says: "I am renting a flat for 300JD. My husband is not here – he stayed behind in Syria. It is very hard for my children, they cry for him. We were smuggled over the border. We had to walk for three hours. We are having difficulty paying the rent. I managed it last month, but this month I will have to find something less expensive. When we first arrived we slept in a garden for two days. That is why I had to take this house – there was no other option.

"Our home in Syria is gone. My children cry a lot. Sometimes I can cook for them, sometimes I cannot. Sometimes I cannot cook because we have no food – or we eat, but it is not proper food."

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