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What we are doing in Syria

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Every month we get food, water, blankets, soap and other essential help to people caught up in Syria’s terrible conflict.

We’re helping people get their homes ready for harsh winters, and deal with the psychological impact of years of violence. And we have worked to fix water networks and health services, cutting the risk of deadly diseases.

Much of the help is given by staff and volunteers of our partner, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent. Their reputation for neutrality means we can send help where other aid agencies cannot.

But these brave men and women still face huge risks – dozens have been killed in the line of duty.

The British Red Cross has been working with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent since 2004, helping the organisation prepare for a range of disasters.

Support for refugees outside Syria

Millions of people have fled from Syria to neighbouring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey.

Many have found themselves separated from loved ones, struggling to find decent shelter or a way to earn a living.

We’re working with our partners in the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement to give these refugees vital help too.

Donate to the Syria Crisis Appeal


Syria blogs

A volunteer helps a young child in Syria

Personal stories, pictures and analysis of the crisis.

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Syria news

Speaking in London today, the head of the ICRC has called for an urgent political solution to the crisis in Syria.

More than 9,000 asylum seekers were left destitute last year, according to new figures from the British Red Cross.

Red Cross aid workers bring vital food and healthcare to people in besieged areas in Syria.