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Yemen Crisis Appeal

Civil conflict in Yemen has worsened dramatically. Over 80 per cent of the population urgently need emergency aid.

Providing food, safe clean water and medical help are priorities. The Red Cross is supporting hundreds of thousands of people with emergency aid.

The crisis in Yemen: one year on

A child standing in front of rubble

After over a year of conflict, over 80 per cent of the people in Yemen need humanitarian aid.

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We're helping one little girl in Yemen - but for how long?

Hayat and her brothers in the ruins of their bombed home in Yemen

Three-year-old Hayat’s name means life, yet she almost lost hers when her family’s home in Yemen was bombed.

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Yemen photography contest - a 'window for the world'

A young boy and girl sit on dry ground holding a jerry can and look at the camera

Yemen's photographers offer a look at the people caught up in their country's forgotten humanitarian crisis.

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Yemen: vital new support for mothers and babies

Doctors and nurses perform surgery on a patient in an operating theatre
01 Jun 2016

Thousands of malnourished mothers and babies get essential health services at a new reproductive health unit.

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Yemen Crisis Appeal

Injured man and children in a clinic in Yemen

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International news

Since an obstetrician, midwife and two nurses started work at a Yemen health clinic, 1,854 pregnant women have received lifes-aving healthcare.

A humanitarian aid worker and around 20 civilians have been killed by an air strike which hit an emergency aid convoy in Aleppo, Syria.