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The Red Cross emergency app

When a crisis is on its way, every second counts.

So think how crucial warning of a dangerous flood or snow storm could be.

Our unique, free app sends you alerts about a huge range of emergencies in your area - and tells you exactly what to do when they happen.

Add the places and people you care about to get severe weather warnings from the Met Office, flood warnings from the Environment Agency (England only), UK Threat Level updates, and alerts from the British Red Cross.

And since being prepared is half the battle, the app is packed with advice on getting ready for a host of common emergencies – such as fires, storms and power cuts.

Download the app now from:

Apple store    Google play store

Our app is award-winning 

We are proud to have won the Digital Champions award at the O2 NextGen Digital Challenge Awards and the Highly Commended award for Digital Innovation at the Third Sector Excellence Awards.

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