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Modern slavery, trafficking and exploitation

Incredibly, there are still slaves and trafficking victims all over the world, including in the UK.

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Here’s what you probably don’t know about 21st century slavery – and the how the Red Cross is responding.

How we help people

Victims of trafficking and exploitation are hugely vulnerable. They may require help from a range of Red Cross services.

Our emergency response teams often set up reception centres for exploited and potentially trafficked people, once local police or the National Crime Agency (NCA) identify them. These are open 24 hours a day for a short-term period.

Inside, we:

  • provide emergency provisions, such as food, clothes and blankets
  • offer a listening ear and emotional support
  • give first aid.

People who are trafficked are often separated from their families, and sometimes unable to find them. We can help them look for their loved ones.

Our refugee support teams come across people who have been trafficked into or around the UK or are vulnerable to being trafficked. We support people with subsequent issues, as well as their need for protection and asylum.

Lastly, the British Red Cross, in partnership with the Croatian Red Cross, is leading on an EU-funded project called PROTECT. This project is developing training and the Red Cross response to human trafficking. As part of a global network, we are sharing learning with other Red Cross and Red Crescent national societies.


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