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China Earthquake Appeal 2008

On 12 May 2008, an earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale devastated eight provinces China.

The earthquake was the worst to hit China since 1976 and tremors were felt as far as Bangkok, some 3,330 kilometres away.

Find out how the Red Cross helped survivors recover.

Street full of rubble

Why we needed your help

In 2008, China experienced its worst earthquake for more than 30 years. It devastated eight provinces. Thanks to the public's generosity, we were able to help survivors.

Children washing their hands after an earthquake in China

How we helped

Imagine rebuilding London. That's the scale of the building effort after the China quake. Find out how the Red Cross helped people recover.

Woman looking at two glasses of water

Liu's story

More than two years on, Liu is one of thousands of earthquake survivors forging ahead with her life after receiving Red Cross livelihoods training.

Elderly patient outside medical centre

Chen's story

A new medical centre to replace the one destroyed in the China earthquake is providing a vital service for people like Chen. Read his story.

Woman standing in front of row of corn attached to house

Liang and Wu's story

Liang and Wu survived the 2008 China earthquake and the Red Cross helped them face the first winter by giving them warm blankets.

A man in China laughs in front of his shop

Liu Ganjun's story

In the wake of China’s devastating earthquake in 2008, Liu Gangjun has rebuilt his life with support from a Red Cross livelihoods programme.

Boy on crutches

Tang's story

Tang lost a limb during the China earthquake, but with the Red Cross' help and a new prosthetic leg, he's found hope for the future.