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Japan Tsunami Appeal 2011

Since the disaster, the Japanese Red Cross has been providing people with first aid and emergency healthcare, as well as distributing relief items.

This appeal is now closed. The Red Cross would like to thank everyone who donated.

What we’re doing in Japan

Japanese Red Cross worker surveys quake destruction

Find out how we're helping after the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on 11 March.

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Stories from Japan

Megumi Goto and her children at the smile park

Find out about some of the people the Japanese Red Cross is helping.

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Japan tsunami: the Red Cross response so far


Latest news from Japan

View from a headland overlooking Onagawa seafront - while most rubble has been cleared, reconstruction has not yet begun

11 Mar 2012
Japan, one year on

A year after Japan was devastated by an earthquake and tsunami, the Red Cross is still helping survivors.

Six months on from Japan’s devastating quake and tsunami, we’ve provided household goods to 91,000 families.

Red Cross workers are treating the injured after a massive earthquake and tsunami hit Japan.