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South Asia Floods Appeal

Heavy monsoon rains in August and September 2017 triggered severe flooding over huge areas in Nepal, India and Bangladesh.

More than 41 million people were affected, with hundreds of thousands losing their homes, crops and livelihoods.

Over 1,200 people died and many more faced hunger and disease. Across the three countries, thousands of health facilities, roads and schools were destroyed.

The Red Cross and Red Crescent distributed food, clean drinking water, blankets and essential supplies to thousands of people. Mobile teams also provided medical care.

See how we helped in Bangladesh in the video below.

Monsoon floods hit South Asia

A man and his son sit in their home with water up to their knees

Monsoon floods have destroyed people's homes and lives. Read the human stories behind the statistics.

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"I couldn't save anything but the children's lives"

In India, a mother holds a young child with wet hair at a temporary shelter for people hit by the South Asia floods

Across South Asia, an area the size of the UK is under water. Thousands have lost everything.

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