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Other organisations that could help find missing family

The British Red Cross international family tracing services accept enquiries from:

  • people living in the UK who have been separated from their relatives as a result of conflict, disaster or migration
  • other Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies or the ICRC on behalf of those living in other countries who are trying to find or send a message to family members in the UK.

We may also be able to provide these services in other situations where there is a humanitarian need, for example, if there is a sudden loss of contact with an elderly relative living abroad.

If you live outside the UK and wish to access this service, please contact the Red Cross or Red Crescent National Society in your country.

If your enquiry does not relate to loss of contact with family members due to conflict, disaster or migration, please visit the pages below to find contact details for organisations that may be able to help you.

Are you looking for someone in the UK?

Are you looking for someone overseas?

Are you looking for someone in the USA?

Are you looking for someone in Canada?

Are you looking for someone in Australia?

Are you looking for someone in Poland?

Are you looking for someone in the military?

British forces

German forces

Deutsche Dienstelle (WasT)
Eichborndamm 167 - 209, D - 1000 Berlin, Germany

Italian forces

Ministerio della Difesa
Direzione Generale Leva, Recl. Obbl. Militariz. Mob. Civ. e Corpi Aus., Divisione 7a Stato Civile, Rome, Italy

Are you a relative of a prisoner of war?

To trace the war-time records of prisoners of war in World War II, please apply through the through British Red Cross.

If you are not an immediate relative of the person you are tracing, please apply to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

In both instances, give as much identifying information on the person as possible: nationality, full name, date and place of birth, rank, registration number, date & place of capture, etc.

Due to preservation treatments and the digitisation of World War I archives, research activities have had to be interrupted. No new research requests have been accepted from 1 August 2011. For more information see the ICRC website.

Are you looking for a Japanese prisoner of war or civilian internee?

Do you want advice / counselling in relation to adoption?

  • Post-Adoption Centre. Tel: 020 7284 0555
  • - a website specialising in reuniting adoptees and birth parents
  • While there is no specific organisation to help to trace the natural parents of children who were not adopted, you can try to trace using electoral registers (rolls) and registers of births, deaths and marriages. This can be done through websites such as and . Please note that there is a charge for accessing the records.

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