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Life. Live it.

We think every young person should know basic first aid. That’s why we’ve launched the Life. Live it. campaign encouraging young people to learn life-saving skills so they're better able to cope in an emergency.


We’ve also developed some fantastic resources to help educators teach first aid to primary- and secondary-school aged students.

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Life. Live it. First aid education for children

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The perfect tool for teaching children aged 6 to 11 life-saving skills, suitable for all educators.

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Life. Live it. First aid education for young people

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Teach first aid to young people with our easy to use kit - even if you have no prior first aid experience.

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Life. Live it. on Facebook

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If you are 11-16 years old, become a fan of Life. Live it. on Facebook and find out more about our campaign to teach young people basic life-saving skills.

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