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HIV is one of the world’s biggest humanitarian crises. An estimated 36.9 million people globally are living with HIV. 

It is hard to grasp how many people this involves, but with whole communities being destroyed the situation is clearly critical. Some of the world’s most fragile economies are being broken by the spread of HIV, as it can dramatically affect people's ability to earn a living.

Extraordinary burdens are placed on extended families struggling to cope with personal loss, and the sheer scale of the illness places enormous strain on health systems.

Our international HIV programmes

South Africa has more than six million people living with HIV. Find out how we're helping people in KwaZulu-Natal.


HIV stories

Londaka, 12, has made a memory box, to help her remember her mother who died of HIV-related illness.

She may be living with HIV, but it doesn’t stop Boniswe enjoying a healthy and happy life.

Florence is the sole carer for her six grandchildren. The Red Cross provides vital support.