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Lorna's story: coping after my leg was amputated

After having her left leg amputated, Lorna Williams was desperate to leave hospital and return home – but didn’t realise how difficult it might be coping alone.

The 57-year-old had spent nine long weeks in hospital following her operation and was going stir crazy.

She recalled: “Having such an operation was a big shock to the system – and I couldn’t think about anything other than getting home again and having my own things around me.”

Home support

However, there was a big problem looming. Lorna, from Aberporth in North Wales, happens to live alone – and having to cope with everyday tasks by herself came as something of a rude awakening.

She said: “I suppose I really didn’t stop to think about how I’d go food shopping or get to the Post Office to pay my bills.”

Fortunately, news of her difficulties reached the British Red Cross’ support at home service. Soon support worker Nicky Williams started making weekly visits.

Tackling isolation

Nicky dealt with the bills, took Lorna out shopping and also helped her rebuild a good support network – including other organisations – that meant she could stay independent at home.

Looking back, Lorna said: “The support at home service is absolutely brilliant and Nicky is an absolute angel. If it wasn’t for her, I’d have been completely stuck. I’m so very grateful for all the Red Cross has done.”

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