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Social support overseas

A Mongolian Red Cross worker with an elderly beneficiary in Ulaanbataar

Social care in Mongolia

We give elderly and isolated people in Mongolia a lifeline, through help at home or simply being a friend.

Woman teaching sewing to student

Social care in Kyrgyzstan

We're improving the lives of 50,000 of the most vulnerable women in Kyrgyzstan by providing education and vocational training.

Davaatseren Nyamaa lost his sight during a mining accident, leaving him unable to work. Thanks to the Red Cross, he and his wife now have a home of their own.

Bertsetseg Altangerel and her two young children used to move from house to house, but thanks to the Red Cross the family now has a home of their own.


International news

The rainy season in South Sudan could compound an already vast humanitarian situation.

A British Red Cross health worker has flown to Liberia to support Ebola virus prevention.

A new British Red Cross appeal is helping people cope with the psychological impact of the Syria crisis.