accessibility & help

How we're helping in Mongolia

Over 780 Red Cross volunteers will visit 2,340 people who need support at least twice a month. During their visits, they help with whatever the person needs, such as bringing food, medicine or warm clothes, or taking someone for medical help.

Offering friendship is a big part of the project – many people have left friends and family behind to come to the city. Since the start of the project, close relationships have developed between volunteers and the people they help.

Social care centres offer warmth and companionship

In the capital and other cities, Red Cross social care centres are a refuge for people who need some additional support. At least 1,600 people visit the six centres every quarter.

People can wash and take care of other personal needs, such as haircuts, with assistance if needed. They are also offered the chance to learn vocational skills or just to sit and talk to a friendly volunteer.

Help for people caught up in the dzud

All of this work has been expanded since the end of a very hot summer and the start of bitterly cold weather brought on by the 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 dzuds. At least:

  • 418 people received food parcels to support them through the lean months
  • 643 were given extra fuel to heat their homes
  • 146 got clean drinking water
  • 44 of the most vulnerable people were given gers – traditional Mongolian tent homes
  • 230 gers were insulated to help them withstand the cold.

The Red Cross also supported 1,500 additional rural herder families with cash grants to buy  supplies to survive the dzud. Food parcels were also given to 1,200 of these families to help them keep going until spring.