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Hashi and Koli's story: Red Crescent sisters

Portrait of Sabikun 'Hashi' Nahar© InfoHashi (15) and Koli (18) are sisters who are very interested in disaster preparedness, even though they have never seen a cyclone. Hashi said: “At school we have debating competitions on various subjects, including what to do in a cyclone, flooding or other disaster.

“We are all very interested, especially the school children, as our young generation has not seen a big cyclone. It gives us a chance to learn and discuss what to do and what initiatives there are to assist if there is a cyclone.”Koli, a trainee volunteer, agreed: “I go into the village to share information from my training, and I enter debating competitions on topics like ‘What is the benefit of staying in the shelter or staying at home when a cyclone comes?’


Portrait of Israt 'Koli' Jahan© Info“I am motivated and interested when I hear the stories of the 1970 cyclone, but now I think that if a cyclone strikes again people will be much safer because we are prepared and know what to do.”

Hashi and Koli’s parents are also volunteers who have encouraged them to get involved. Koli believes that it is becoming easier for women to volunteer. She said: “When people listen to my words, I feel better and proud to volunteer and really enjoy it. Boys of my age are already motivated, and they are helpful when I do my voluntary work.

“With the help of organisations things are getting easier, and more people have a better understanding of women doing voluntary work.”

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