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Assembly kits

Meeting teachers' need for imaginative, informed assemblies, these activity kits include scripts, action projects and performance ideas.

The red cross emblem

Why is the red cross special? Explore what it means in both armed conflict and international law with this school assembly kit.

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Young man holding AK47

The AK47

Mikhail Kalashnikov wishes he'd invented a lawn mower. Explore guns and law with a fascinating assembly script and add-on activities.

Girl talking on the phone

Introducing first aid

This assembly activity is the perfect way to introduce first aid education to pupils aged 5–11 in your school

People wheel an injured man in a wheelbarrow in Haiti

Haiti earthquake

School lesson plans and assembly ideas looking at the Haiti earthquake January 2010. Includes videos, photos, audio material and discussion ideas.



A range of materials, ideas and triggers for students focusing on the human response to HIV and AIDS and on the reactions of other people.

Giant photos of disappeared people displayed in a square.

Missing in warfare

Help students appreciate why it is important to know the fate of a missing person. This assembly is suitable for the Day of the Disappeared.

Schoolchildren with hands up

Please wash your hands

This quick school assembly, ideal for World Water Day and during flu pandemics, is designed to help raise basic hygiene awareness.



Schoolchildren listening to first aid trainer

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