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School speakers

Students discussing HIV with a theatre company from Zimbabawe© InfoThe British Red Cross works in the UK and around the world on a wide variety of issues that young people are passionate about.

We're developing a network of school speakers around the country who can help your students engage with humanitarian topics. Whether you're interested in organising a short presentation on the work of the Red Cross, or more interactive sessions on topical issues, we may be able to provide a speaker who can get your students thinking.

Find the answers to common questions below. Feel free to ask one of your own by emailing

What topics can your speakers cover?

We can organise presentations and workshops covering a variety of themes, including:

  • the rules of war and child soldiers
  • food insecurity
  • disasters and emergencies
  • HIV and AIDS
  • refugees and asylum seekers
  • the work of the Red Cross.

Please let us know what topic you'd like us to present when you fill out this form   

How far in advance do I need to request a speaker?

The more time you can give us, the more likely we'll be able to organise a speaker for you. Our network of speakers is growing so if we don't have a speaker available in your area now, we may have one there soon.

Who are your school speakers?

Our speakers are volunteers or staff in our youth and schools teams. We train them to be able to work with students of all ages, though most of our education resources are for upper primary and secondary students.

How do I request a school speaker?

To find out if a school speaker is available near you, please fill out this form. We will get in touch with you to find out more about your needs.

If your query is urgent, please call the Red Cross office near you.

How can I become a school speaker?

If you'd like to get involved as a Red Cross school speaker, please contact the youth manager at the Red Cross office near you.

Find out more about volunteering as a school speaker.

What other materials and resources do you have?

The education section on our website is full of materials and resources you can use. The activities are self-contained and designed for use by anyone. You don't need to be a Red Cross expert to raise humanitarian issues in school.
All of our education resources are produced to focus students' attention on humanitarian and citizenship issues that have relevance right across the curriculum.