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Life. Live it. First aid education for children

Cartoon of a boy putting a girl into the recovery position© InfoThese three lessons are the perfect way to teach life-saving first aid skills to children aged 5 to 11. The lessons are based on the themes: staying safe, saving lives and emergency action.

Both great fun and highly interactive, these lessons are also directly relevant to the PSHE, Citizenship, English, Science and Art & Design among others – with curriculum links included for all UK countries. 

Everything you’ll need can be found on our online resource which is free to use.

Lesson one – Stay safe – objectives

The ‘Stay safe’ lesson will enable pupils to:

  • identify dangers by looking and listening
  • decide if an area is safe
  • make an area safe
  • be able to help someone without risk to themselves.

Lesson two – Help save lives – objectives

‘Help save lives’ lesson will enable pupils to:

  • keep themselves safe
  • give first aid in different situations
  • know when they need to get help
  • know what to do in an emergency.

Lesson three – Emergency action – objectives

The ‘Emergency action’ lesson will enable pupils to:

  • know that getting help in an emergency is an important part of first aid
  • learn when to get adult help
  • know how to call 999
  • find out what happens when they call 999 and what information they need to give
  • keep calm and help a person who needs first aid
  • not worry – the 999 operator will help them.

Life. Live it. First aid education for children

The full Life. Live it. resource includes the following:

  • Flexible lesson plans, including teachers’ notes
  • Interactive and practical activities
  • ‘Accident’ scenario videos
  • Worksheets and scenario cards
  • ‘How to’ videos to demonstrate first aid skills
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Detailed curriculum links
  • Awards and badges

No previous knowledge of first aid is necessary – for either teacher or pupil. The teachers’ area of Life. Live it. contains a range of materials to help anyone understand the basics of first aid, so that you can quickly pick up the essentials.

Children aged 5–7 will be able to gain an understanding of treating burns and nose bleeds, in addition to keeping safe and getting help. The materials and lessons for age 7–11 are more extensive, covering a range of first aid topics.

Visit the teachers' area of Life. Live it. now to start exploring the lesson plans and supporting materials. 

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Teach first aid

The perfect tool for teaching primary children life-saving skills, suitable for all educators.

Two lessons designed to help you teach first aid to young people aged 11–16.

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