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Life. Live it. First aid education for young people

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Follow our ‘First aid basics’ lesson plans in one or two sessions to give students aged 11-16 a taste of first aid learning from the Life. Live it. programme.

These lesson plans are designed to help you teach basic first aid to 11-16 year olds.

First aid basics 1

Young people will learn:

a) to consider why it is important to learn first aid

b) why their own safety must always come first

c) how to assess if someone is unconscious

d) how to help someone who is unconscious and breathing

e) what to say and do if they make an emergency call.


First aid basics 1: Lesson plan

First aid basics 1: PowerPoint

Casualty cards (optional)

First aid basics 2

Young people will learn:

a) how to help someone who is choking

b) how to treat a burn

c) what to do if someone is bleeding heavily from a wound

d) how to treat a sprain or strain.


First aid basics 2: Lesson plan

First aid basics 2: PowerPoint

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