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Somewhere to run to

People carrying suitcases on their heads wading through flood waters© InfoThis interactive resource enables young people to create their own model of an emergency camp through considering the tough choices people make in a disaster.

Who is it for?

Young people aged seven to 11.

Where can I buy a copy?

The lesson plan for teachers and the activity cards for pupils are in our online shop priced at £4.50

Or you can order via our catalogue. To request a free catalogue, please email

What will young people learn?

This simple and adaptable resource has lots of scope for creativity, and contains a range of options for further exploration. It can be linked to subjects including citizenship, geography, art and design, literacy, maths and history, and encourages the development of many key skills, including:

    Primary children doing a floor activity
  • critical thinking
  • negotiation
  • solving problems
  • making decisions
  • teamwork
  • listening
  • empathy
  • communication
  • considering multiple perspectives
  • creative development.

How does it work?

Somewhere to run to invites children to imagine being forced to leave home by a disaster and gets them involved in creating an emergency camp that will meet their own and other people’s needs. The activity encourages young people to think about the tough choices people make in disaster situations, and how they cope.

Emergency camp model The activity can be completed during a two-hour session or it can be extended to cover more time or separate sessions over several days.

You will need plenty of space to do the activity and resources such as paper, pens, flip chart paper or old wallpaper, sticky tape and scissors.

There are different ways to introduce the activity plus extension activities to bring in different skills while pupils design their camp. The children will all get involved in deciding what their camp should look like and what facilities it should contain using the key information on the pupils' Camp Cards. They will design the facilities and think about their importance to everyday survival.

Downloadable resources

Download the stimulus photo in powerpoint format.

Download further copies of the Camp Cards.

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