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School students taking part in a workshop

Build resilience

When is the best time to think about what to do in a crisis? Reflect, explore and experiment with this collection of crisis situations.

Cartoon of a boy putting a girl into the recovery position

Life. Live it. First aid education for children

Three interactive lessons specially designed to teach first aid and safety to children aged 5 – 11 years old.

Man repairs fishing net

Castes and camps

How is aid best delivered to people of different castes? Should shared or separate camps be set up? A dilemma for students to discuss.


Mystery object

Try this exercise in imagination and leave your students with a puzzle. Can they guess what the object in the photo is?

Girl in a group of young people

Exploring stereotypes

Challenge the assumptions we make about people when we hear a brief description with this popular starter activity for schools.

Woman with earthquake scene, Bam

Emergency Facebook

How would students use social networking to spread the news of a health epidemic? Explore the possibilities with this quick classroom activity.

Two children with their father cover their ears

Celebratory gunfire

Explore the phenomenon with a wonderfully composed, non-militaristic photograph and a series of imaginative activities. Forces and motion, hard sums and terminal velocities covered.

Young man holding AK47

The AK47

Mikhail Kalashnikov wishes he'd invented a lawn mower. Explore guns and law with a fascinating assembly script and add-on activities.

Line up of child soldiers

Child soldier

This lesson plan looks at the way some armies and militias "press gang" children and young people into fighting.

Man gives water to a man draped in a towel on a beach


Give pupils a deeper understanding of the major global issue of migration through this photo-based lesson plan, ideal for citizenship teachers.

1 - 10 of 11 results