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Support in emergencies


We support people affected by emergencies both in the UK and abroad – from natural disasters such as floods and fire to terrorist attacks.

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Step 1. Contact Us

Humanity House
2 Armley Court, Armley Road
LS12 2NB

0113 2015 240

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Location Name: 53.76897, -0.9632255. Zoom: 8

Step 2. Service Locations

  • 1. Support in emergencies, Hull

    Maritime House

    HU1 2DB

    01482 499830

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  • 2. Support in emergencies, Leeds

    Humanity House
    2 Armley Court, Armley Road, Leeds

    LS12 2NB

    0113 201 5240

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  • Health & support services 
  • Fundraising events 
  • First aid courses 

    We educate people in life-saving skills, enabling them to respond to emergencies.

  • Charity shops 

    We sell and need: good quality clothes, designer brands, books, furniture and more.

  • Red Cross office 

Read stories of people weʼve helped

After Michelle fled her burning home with five children, a grandchild and her dogs, she had no idea what to do next – then we turned up.

What makes someone get out of bed in the middle of the night to go and help a stranger whose home has burned down?

Emergency response UK

Volunteers comforts a couple after an incident

Day or night, in an emergency you’ll be there to help when someone needs it most.