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First aid courses

Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk

We provide first aid training for every need, including a range of courses for members of the public and in the workplace. We also offer bespoke courses for specific groups - such as school groups, people with disabilities or sports teams – that focus on their particular needs. Our trainers can even come to your venue.

For workplace enquires call 0844 871 8000. For public enquiries, contact your local office - details can be found below. Alternatively, search for a local course using the links below and book online.

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01473 344922

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  • First aid courses 

    We educate people in life-saving skills, enabling them to respond to emergencies.

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    We sell and need: good quality clothes, designer brands, books, furniture and more.

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First Aid Challenge

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Sign up now for our three simple challenges and get £5 off a course and first aid updates.

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First aid training

Woman demonstrating where to give chest compressions on an adult

Find out more about our first aid courses on the British Red Cross first aid training website.

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