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Conflict and post-conflict care

When a conflict strikes the Red Cross is quick to respond, providing first aid and emergency supplies, as well as health and psychological support to those in need.

Once the emergency phase is over, we continue to fill health and social care gaps in the affected region. This ranges from helping people overcome their psychological traumas to running immunisation programmes to stop outbreaks of disease.

In Afghanistan, the British Red Cross is helping address issues such as malaria, malnutrition and drug use. We're also involved in programmes to help children overcome the effects of war in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Post-conflict care in Liberia

A group of boys in the street holding guns

After a 14-year civil war, we’re helping children in Liberia get on with their lives.

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Post-conflict care in Sierra Leone

Group of boys in carpentry class

In Sierra Leone, we’re helping young people affected by the war reintegrate into society.

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After surviving civil war in Sierra Leone, this is Jebbeh’s story about re-building a community in the aftermath of conflict.

After fleeing violence in the Ivory Coast, Miata arrived in Liberia with nothing. Now the Red Cross is training her to be a tailor.

During the conflict in Sierra Leone, Agnes had little choice but to become a combatant. With training from the Sierra Leone Red Cross she is now a tailor.

Helen suffered, and took part in, horrific violence as a child soldier in Sierra Leone. We’re now giving her new skills and self-confidence.


News about conflict

More money for food aid to help people in Syria is urgently needed, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has warned.

Iraqis are turning to schools, places of worship and unfinished buildings for shelter.

The British Red Cross has pledged more than £65,000 to help people affected by violence in Iraq.