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Our call to action in Northern Ireland

The Red Cross in Northern Ireland supports people, their communities and other organisations at times of crisis. We have a local network of around 60 staff and 800 volunteers.

We're calling on all politicians in Northern Ireland to make some simple changes to help those most in need.

Emergency preparedness and recovery

  • An annual ‘preparedness week’ to help people withstand and recover from emergencies.
  • Establish preventative measures such as a flood-alert phone service to help avoid damage and distress.
  • Introduce legislation to make emergency response consistent across Northern Ireland.

Health and social care at home

  • Increase investment in preventative community support services to help people stay healthy. These services can reduce unnecessary admissions to hospital or residential care.
  • More health and social care services so people can regain their independence in their own home.
  • The Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS) should promote the benefits that voluntary sector providers bring to high-quality health and social care.

Building stronger communities

  • Introduce humanitarian education programmes and first aid lessons for young people, so that more communities are ready to cope with crises.
  • Increase first aid knowledge among drivers. 

Refugees and asylum seekers

There is now a £55,000 crisis fund in Northern Ireland, which supports migrants, refugees and asylum seekers facing emergency situations. We manage this fund on behalf of the Northern Ireland Executive.

However, we are still calling on politicians to:

  • Give asylum seekers access to free primary care, as well as the opportunity to learn English on arrival.
  • Publish specific Northern Ireland data on asylum seekers to help policy makers plan services.

Get more detail in the full document: Our call to action in Northern Ireland.

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