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Our call to action in Scotland

The British Red Cross in Scotland supports people, their communities and other organisations at times of crisis. We have a local network of around 4,000 volunteers and 500 staff who work in communities across the country. 

We're calling on all politicians in Scotland to make some simple changes to help those most in need.

Independent living

  •  Allow people to access services which reflect their needs so that everyone has the right to live independently.
  • Let individuals make their own health and social care choices. 
  • Integrate health and social care to improve care for individuals.

Read our full report on mobility aids in Scotland – Making a move: Increasing choice and independence for people with short-term mobility needs [PDF].

Preventative care

  • Invest in preventative care, such as mobility aids, so people can live healthier lives at home for longer.
  • Personalise health and social care.

Refugees and asylum seekers

  • Allow no one who seeks asylum or refuge in Scotland to become destitute.
  • End the indignity of the Azure payment card, and introduce cash-based support for those who need it.
  • Give people who arrive here the right to work so they can build better lives for themselves.
  • Stop family reunion becoming another crisis point for refugee families.

Protecting aid workers

  • Use the Scottish government’s influence to raise the issue of greater and safer access for aid workers. We want their neutrality to be respected, and for them to have unimpeded access to help vulnerable people in crisis-hit areas across the world. 

Get more detail in the full document – Resilient Scotland: A call to action.

Smith Commission response

On 19 September 2014, the Prime Minister announced that Lord Smith of Kelvin had agreed to oversee the consultation process about further powers for the Scottish Parliament. 

Read our response to the Smith Commission.

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Want to know more about our advocacy work in Scotland or get a copy of our consultation responses and reports? Get in touch with Fiona MacLeod at

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