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First aid and the driving test

What's wrong?

Around 1,700* people die from road deaths per year in the UK.

Far more road users should have the skills and confidence to step forward to help in the event of a crash – or indeed in other emergency situations.

Our call

  • The Department for Transport should make attendance at a practical first aid course mandatory to acquire a driving licence in the UK.

Attendance at a practical first aid course is mandatory in order to acquire a driving licence in many other European nations including Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Hungary.

In March 2016, Will Quince MP introduced a Private Members’ Bill in UK Parliament, which proposed attending a four-hour practical first aid course with an approved provider as a minimum requirement for attaining a driving licence.

While the bill did not have sufficient time to progress during the parliamentary calendar, it has helpfully raised the profile of the issue and given impetus for change.

*Based on average of deaths in 2012-2014 from the road safety statement

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