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First aid in schools

What's wrong?

First aid could be incorporated into any number of subjects taught in schools including sport, science and PSHE (Personal, Social, Health & Economic Education – England only). It could even be demonstrated during assemblies and at after-school clubs.

But it is currently a postcode lottery whether a child or young person has the chance to learn these crucial life-saving skills.

In England, only 24 per cent of secondary schools teach first aid despite overwhelming support for the subject from parents, teachers and pupils themselves.

Our calls

  • First aid education should be mandatory in schools across the UK in order to teach a generation this life-saving skill.
  • Government, schools, teachers, young people and others should champion first aid learning, integrating it into existing subjects and whole-school approaches.

Every Child a Lifesaver

In partnership with British Heart Foundation and St John Ambulance, we launched the Every Child a Lifesaver campaign. The aim was simple: to get first aid taught in schools through the Emergency First Aid Education Bill. 

Sadly, on 20 November 2015, the Private Members’ Bill, sponsored by Teresa Pearce MP, did not pass through to the next stage of parliamentary scrutiny as it was ‘talked out’.

Although we didn’t achieve the outcome we wanted this time, the government has signalled its strong support for first aid being taught in more schools.

We will continue to campaign on this important issue because we believe that more people should know how to step in and help in a medical emergency.

  • Read our submission to the Education Select Committee inquiry into the purpose and quality of education 

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