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Short-term wheelchair loans

Suffer a serious, immobilising injury in England and you almost certainly won't get a wheelchair. Surprised? Read on.

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Our vision

We want everyone who needs a wheelchair to be able to quickly and easily get one that’s right for them, for as long as they need it.
We want everyone who uses or handles a wheelchair to know how to use it safely and comfortably.
We believe there should be a right to short-term wheelchair loans.

Our evidence

Our research report Putting the Wheels in Motion illustrates various reasons why people need a short-term wheelchair loan and shows the positive impact they have on people’s lives. 

We found that wheelchair loans can save the public purse money by preventing or delaying people’s need for support from the NHS or social services. Wheelchairs can, for example, help people to manage at home after a hospital stay, thus reducing delayed discharges.

Our calls

  • There is no estimate of the need for short-term wheelchair loans at any one time. We urge the government  – working with NHS England and others – to investigate this.
  • We call on the Government  to incorporate the meeting of short-term mobility needs into the NHS Mandate to NHS England.
  • We call on NHS England, NHS Improving Quality and the National Wheelchair Alliance to incorporate short-term wheelchair provision into the My Voice, My Wheelchair, My Life programme of work and the Right Chair, Right Time, Right Now campaign to transform wheelchair services in England.

Find out more

See our blog, ‘Who pays for your wheelchair?’, to find out more about what’s wrong.

Red Cross warns of ‘statutory confusion’ over short-term wheelchair access, reports Politics Home website.

Find out how to borrow a wheelchair from the Red Cross.

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