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Join an emergency team

Could you use your skills and expertise to help a community when disaster strikes? We are recruiting logisticians, sanitation engineers and hygiene promotion specialists.

You will join a team ready to provide immediate support overseas when buildings, roads and water facilities are destroyed or overwhelmed.

These roles are part of our Emergency Response Units (ERU). An ERU is made up of specialised professionalsl and equipment. Teams are on call and you can be sent overseas for between one and four months.

The British Red Cross holds two ERU teams – Mass Sanitation Module (MSM) 20 and logistics.

If you have the expertise and enthusiasm to help people after major disasters find out more about each role below.

How to apply

Closing date is 17 December.

Logistician – find out more and apply >> 

Sanitation engineers - find out more and apply >>

Hygiene promotion specialist – find out more and apply >>

Hygiene specialists and sanitation engineers: tackling disease

After huge disasters, disease can spread fast. Typhoons and floods can leave survivors stranded without shelter, clean water and toilets. That’s why we have an emergency team of specialists on call 24 hours a day. They are ready to fly out to disaster zones with vital equipment to help tackle disease and save lives. 

The equipment can help up to 20,000 people whose homes have been damaged or destroyed. It includes showers, latrines and tools to dig drainage trenches in rural areas. There is also a digger, water pump, tools, wheelbarrows and disinfectant.

The four-person team consists of a sanitation engineer, a hygiene promotion specialist, a team leader and a team administrator.

The team is equipped to be self-sufficient for up to a month so they are not a burden on local resources.

The unit has helped after a range of emergencies including severe floods in Pakistan, earthquakes in China, Nepal and Haiti and a cholera outbreak in Sierra Leone.

“It is an incredible privilege”

Nancy Kordouli worked as part of an MSM team that was sent to Nepal after the earthquake this year.

“I think anybody who’s thinking about applying for the ERU roster should apply because it’s such a great feeling when you go out – you are on the ‘frontline’ and that is what it’s all about.

“To work alongside people who have lost loved ones and whose homes have been destroyed is an incredible privilege. There is a real sense of togetherness and solidarity as we try to help people get back on their feet.

“I love working with the MSM ERU as it is a very tangible, practical way to meet people's needs. It is so inspiring.”

Sanitation engineer vacancy – find out more and apply >>

Hygiene promotion specialist vacancy – find out more and apply >>

Logisticians: the logistics of saving lives

Can you help make sure food parcels, blankets and tents reach the people who need them most?

The emergency logistics team help to co-ordinate support and aid.

This team of five experts are always on call. They can fly out to warehouses and co-ordinate deliveries. They make sure aid and aid workers get past mudslides, military checkpoints and hundreds of other obstacles in the wake of disasters.

“Why I work for the Red Cross”

Janet Meehan worked as part of the logistics ERU team following flooding in Pakistan.

“Ultimately, it is the response from the beneficiaries that makes it all worthwhile.

“Waiting at the airport in Multan one day a group of children came over to ask my name and shake my hand. As the group left, one small girl turned round and came back.

"'Thank you for helping my village and my country,’ she said, before shaking my hand again and walking off smiling.

“Moments like that remind me why I work and volunteer for the Red Cross.”

Logistician vacancy – find out more and apply >>