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Not all doom and gloom for fundraising

15 June 2009
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Results from twelve countries to Red Cross survey show healthy fundraising predictions despite current economic downturn.

In the second round of the global fundraising survey by the British Red Cross, results gathered from twelve developed nations show a general optimism about fundraising levels for 2009, higher overall than the results from the same survey conducted in February 2009. To date, the economic downturn has had no significant impact on overall fundraising and that trend is expected to continue.

Mark Astarita, director of fundraising, British Red Cross said: “The current challenging economic situation has seen many tightening purse strings, so it is heartening to know that people realise that the needs of the most vulnerable remain and continue to give. This puts the British Red Cross in a strong position, able to respond to crises in the UK and overseas. We are very grateful to our committed supporters.”

Of the twelve countries represented, over half of the responses were of no change across various Red Cross national society income streams (e.g. online donations, face-to-face fundraising) in the first quarter of 2009. Likewise, looking ahead to the second quarter of 2009, over half of the responses predict no change across income streams. However, most Red Cross national societies are anticipating an increased demand on services. For example, the Icelandic Red Cross has stepped up its counselling and psychological support service in response to increased demand.

Six Red Cross societies expect to increase fundraising activities, and only two (the Norwegian Red Cross and the New Zealand Red Cross) expect fundraising activities to decrease. Only four national societies expect to reduce their investment in fundraising in the second quarter of 2009. None of the respondents predict staff redundancies.
Following this trend, eleven of the twelve Red Cross national societies predict no change or a decrease in their fundraising expenditure in the second quarter of 2009. The exception to this is the Icelandic Red Cross that anticipates a ten per cent increase in expenditure.

Louise Richards, Institute of Fundraising Director of Policy and Campaigns, said: “The Institute of Fundraising welcomes this report, and in particular the positive messages which it contains. It would be all too easy to talk ourselves into a giving recession at this stage, when what we really must do is to continue to invest in fundraising.  With the right tools, knowledge and support, charities can and will survive and thrive in the future.”


Notes to editors
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The twelve Red Cross societies involved in the survey were:
American Red Cross
Austrian Red Cross
British Red Cross
Canadian Red Cross
Danish Red Cross
Finnish Red Cross
French Red Cross
German Red Cross
Icelandic Red Cross
Norwegian Red Cross
Swiss Red Cross
New Zealand Red Cross

The survey was completed by heads of fundraising or heads of fundraising and communications in each of the Red Cross national societies mentioned above.

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