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Big Brother’s most bizarre and memorable props to raise money for British Red Cross

Tuesday 23 August

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Some of the most outrageous and entertaining props from Big Brother’s eventful past are being sold to help the British Red Cross support people affected by disasters. As the famous show continues its return to television screens in the UK, the Red Cross is giving fans the chance to bid on a part of Big Brother history.
The items up for sale include the mischievous talking parrot Davina McCaw, and Tree of Temptation chest – which was dreaded by celebrity housemates, but so popular with fans that it even has its own Facebook page with more than 13,000 fans.
The goodies have been donated by Channel 4, and all the money raised through the online auction will go towards the British Red Cross Disaster Fund, which allows the organisation to respond immediately when emergencies strike.
Brian Dowling, the host of this year’s Big Brother on Channel 5, who appeared alongside many of the fundraising props in Ultimate Big Brother 2010, said: “I loved my time as a Big Brother housemate, and I am loving that I can continue to be part of this great show as its presenter.
“These are fabulous iconic props that bring back a lot of memories for me! They are bizarre, colourful and lots of fun - just like Big Brother.
“It is great they are raising money for the British Red Cross!”
Barry Armstrong, the British Red Cross Disaster Response Manager, said: “We are very grateful to Channel 4 for donating these unique props to the British Red Cross.
“The money raised through the sale will help us respond quickly and effectively to disasters like the current famine in East Africa.Already this year the Disaster Fund has enabled us to provide millions of pounds of aid in the immediate aftermath of humanitarian crises.”
The items for sale on eBay are:
The Tree of Temptation –The talking tree became famous for harassing celebrity housemates in Celebrity Big Brother seven before returning as a rude chest of drawers in Big Brother 11 and Ultimate Big Brother, where it continued to set bizarre tasks and belittle housemates.
Davina McCaw – The truth-speaking animatronic parrot caused chaos amongst the housemates in Big Brother 11 and Ultimate Big Brother by spreading gossip.
Salt and pepper outfits – The embarrassing fancy dress costumes were worn by La Toya Jackson and Tommy Sheridan while taking part in Celebrity Big Brother in a popular ice-skating task in 2009.
Bob Righter – The freaky fortune teller scared housemates by breaking out of his box in Big Brother 11, and by making unusual predictions. He also returned in Ultimate Big Brother.
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Notes to editors

For more information or photos please contact: Rebecca Lefort on 020 7877 7548 or
The eBay auction begins at midday on Tuesday, August 23, and will end at midday on Friday, September 2.
To see the items for sale, and detailed descriptions of their physical condition, visit their eBay pages.
For the Tree of Temptation visit:
For Davina McCaw visit:
For the salt and pepper outfits visit:
For Bob Righter visit:
They are all available for collection from the British Red Cross London office only.
The Tree of Temptation’s Facebook page can be found at: For a reminder of what made it famous see:
For a reminder of the mischief caused by Davina McCaw visit:
To see what Bob Righter got up to visit:
And to remember the salt and pepper outfits visit:

British Red Cross helps people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are. We are part of a global voluntary network, responding to conflicts, natural disasters and individual emergencies.
We enable vulnerable people in the UK and abroad to prepare for and withstand emergencies
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