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Hurricane Sandy's devastation worse than originally feared, warns Red Cross

8 November 2012

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Hurricane Sandy’s devastation worse than originally feared, warns Red Cross

British Red Cross renews call for donations to its Hurricane Sandy Appeal as true scale of impact emerges-

The devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy is worse than originally feared, with nearly five million people affected in the Caribbean and hundreds of thousands of people still in urgent need of food and shelter, the British Red Cross has warned.

As the full scale of the destruction emerges, the Red Cross is stepping up its support for those left homeless and destitute, and now facing the growing risk of disease and food shortages.

The British Red Cross has already sent £80,000 worth of support to Cuba and Jamaica – and is still collecting funds to help those in greatest need through its Hurricane Sandy Appeal.

Hurricane Sandy’s impact:

• In Haiti 60 people died, and 20 are missing. 1.5million people have been affected, with 21,000 homes destroyed. There is a risk of another cholera outbreak.

• In Cuba 11 people died and 3 million people are affected, with more than 75,000 displaced. Over 200,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed, and 30,000 hectares of farmland lost.

• In Jamaica three primary schools, 14 hospitals, 22 health clinics and 3,600 houses were severely damaged, and 310,000 people have been affected. Thousands of hectares of crops have been destroyed and food is expected to become scarce.

• In the Dominican Republic 175,000 people have been affected, and 24,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed.

• In the USA more than 110 people have died, 40,000 have been displaced from their homes, and millions are still without power. There are fears that the situation could worsen as cold weather looms for the Eastern Seaboard.

The British Red Cross has already provided 2,000 hygiene parcels and 2,000 buckets to Cuba, and 500 hygiene parcels and 1,000 cleaning kits to Jamaica. It will also help the Cuban Red Cross and Jamaican Red Cross with the cost of running their response programmes.

Mike Goodhand, Head of International Logistics at the British Red Cross, said: “The devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy has been much worse than originally feared.

“Hundreds of thousands of people have lost everything, and are in desperate need of shelter and food.

“The threat of a cholera outbreak, more extreme weather, and food shortages could also severely affect people in the Caribbean who face a long road to recovery.”

Money raised by the British Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Appeal will go to meet the greatest unmet needs caused by the hurricane. To donate go to



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