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British Red Cross response to The Telegraph story about funds for Syria

5 October 2013

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The Daily Telegraph reports a concern that aid funds destined for Syria may end up in the wrong hands.

Our response to that article:

The Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement is providing life-saving support to more than two million people affected by the conflict in Syria.

As part of this response the British Red Cross has sent five million pounds directly and securely to its partners in Syria; the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC) and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent. Any money donated to the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement stays within the Movement, it does not go to third parties.

Our pipeline of funding and goods is as secure as it can possibly be in the most hazardous of circumstances and we have rigorous and robust monitoring and accountability measures in place, including dedicated IFRC teams in Damascus and Beirut, to ensure that is the case.

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent has the widest access of any agency operating within Syria. At the moment 2.5 million people each month are dependent on us for food, first aid, ambulances and provisions like hygiene packs and blankets.

We rely on our volunteers who are putting their lives at risk every day to help others. In the last two years of conflict, 22 of our volunteers have been killed in the line of duty, others have been taken and held: a stark reminder of the dangers they face in delivering humanitarian assistance.

The Red Cross Red Crescent is a neutral, non-political, independent humanitarian organisation and its mission is to assist those most in need, no matter who or where they are. We rely on the generosity and goodwill of the public to fund our efforts and as it stands we are running desperately short of funds to support this ongoing humanitarian crisis.

We are calling for safe access and further funding to continue this essential work to help the people of Syria.

Find out more about our Syria Crisis Appeal.


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