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British Red Cross launches South Sudan Crisis appeal

7 March 2014

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The British Red Cross is today launching an appeal to help people affected by the conflict in South Sudan, which has left millions in need of assistance.

Violence continues in the world’s newest nation after fighting erupted in South Sudan’s capital, Juba in December 2013.The ongoing conflict has forced people from their homes and torn families apart with thousands displaced into neighbouring countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia. According to the UN, nearly one million people have been made homeless, while 4.9 million are in need some form of emergency assistance, such as clean water and sanitation or food.

Ben Webster, British Red Cross disaster response programme manager, said: “Hundreds of thousands of people in South Sudan are in a desperate situation without shelter, food or access to safe water. Families have been separated and many people who fled the fighting are now living in the bush or have fled into neighbouring countries such as Kenya and Uganda.

“The conflict will make life even harder for people living in the world’s youngest country. Right now the priority is saving people’s lives, which is why we’re launching this appeal and asking for the public’s generous support,” he explained.

To support the South Sudan Crisis appeal, please visit:

Money raised from the appeal will go towards supporting the work of the Red Cross in South Sudan and neighbouring countries that are helping refugees from the conflict.

The British Red Cross released £175,000 from its Disaster Fund in February to support the work of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in South Sudan. These funds have contributed to the ICRC work in providing emergency materials, such as blankets and mosquito nets, to people in need of help.

The ICRC has also provided surgical teams and is helping to reunite families separated by the fighting.

Webster said: “In a country where 4 million people were already classified as food insecure before the conflict began, this situation does not bode well at all for South Sudan. The season for planting is now, so there will be nothing to harvest if displaced people can’t go back to their homes and farms.”



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To support the South Sudan Crisis appeal, please visit:

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