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Red Cross teams tackle weekend weather crisis

12 January 2015

More than 70 Red Cross volunteers throughout Northern Scotland and the Western Isles have been working round the clock this weekend to help vulnerable people hit by storm power cuts.

They have carried out welfare checks on scores of Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) customers identified as vulnerable by the power company.

Volunteers have distributed hot food and drinks, bottles of water and gas heaters to households from the Western Isles to the far North-East of the country.

They have also been helping to run reception and drop-in centres on Skye and the Black Isle and in Thurso and Dornoch, where people could go for warmth and safety.

Anne Eadie, co-ordinating the Red Cross emergency response, said: “Our volunteers have been working tirelessly all weekend to help as many people as possible while SSE linesmen battle to reconnect the power supplies.

“The demand has been huge, but our teams of volunteers have responded superbly. Every one of our volunteers in Northern Scotland was ready to do whatever was needed to help make things easier for as many people as possible. Our biggest priority was to make sure that people identified as vulnerable – because of age, infirmity or some degree of disability – were able to withstand this crisis safely.

“In some areas, water supplies were also knocked out because there was no power for the pumps which deliver it to more remote areas. Scottish Water provided supplies of bottled water, which our volunteers helped deliver.

“Our response will wind down as more households are reconnected to the grid but until supplies are back to normal, our teams will continue to provide whatever help is needed.”


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