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Response to ICO investigation

26 February 2016

British Red Cross statement in response to a review carried out by the Information Commissioner’s Office into fundraising practices.

We value each and every supporter and the donations they give enable us to do our life-saving work at home and overseas. It is essential that the public should have confidence in charities and feel assured we are committed to the highest standards of fundraising.

The British Red Cross has gone above and beyond what is required by law. The undertaking we have signed makes it clear we will not call people unless they have given us unambiguous consent.

We can also assure our supporters that we do not sell donors’ data and we stopped sharing data with other charities in May 2015.

British Red Cross chief executive Mike Adamson said: “We are pleased that the Information Commissioner’s Office review has found that British Red Cross’ fundraising practices are compliant with the law and current guidance. Signing this undertaking reiterates our commitment to best practice and putting supporters at the heart of our fundraising.”