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Tim and Matt's story: Triathlon triumph

Two men after the triathlon© InfoSibling rivalry spurred on two brothers to tackle the London Triathlon. Tim Smith and his older brother Matt swam, cycled and ran their way around London’s Docklands in the triathlon on 2 August.

Twenty-six-year-old Tim said: “A friend at work dared me to do a triathlon and when I mentioned it to Matt he was really keen. Having that competitive element with him really helped. It helped me train and encouraged me to give a little more when it started to hurt.

“It was my first Olympic distance triathlon and it was hard work. I got around in two hours 37 minutes, but Matt absolutely flew round. I still think he must have cheated.”

Matt (30) said: “I was as surprised as Tim at how quick I was, but I was really pleased to beat my little brother.”

Tim and Matt raised over £1,600 doing the 1,500m swim, 40km cycle and 10km run. Tim said: “The Justgiving website helped out a lot, as did emails to friends and colleagues. I had a swearbox at work, which made about £20. My firm also matched the first £250 we raised, so that was a big boost.”

Learning to ride a bike

They were joined by fellow triathlete Hallam Stanton, who had signed up on the spur of the moment after seeing a promotion for the event on the Red Cross website.Two men© InfoHallam (26), from London, said: “I just thought, ‘I’ve never done one of those’ and decided to sign up on the spot. It was after that I started to learn a bit about it and got training.“I hadn’t cycled in 14 years, but I started cycling to work for training and now I cycle everywhere. It’s become a bit of a passion.”

Triathlon club

“I wasn’t in very good shape, so eventually I decided to join a triathlon club. I’ve only just moved to London, so it was a great way of meeting people who live near me and helped make it a really enjoyable experience.

“I took the training fairly seriously, until I was capable of doing it comfortably. I’d have enjoyed it a lot less otherwise. It made it a wonderful day, rather than just a tortuous time.”

Hallam raised £730 through Justgiving. He said: “Raising the money wasn’t that difficult. People think you’re doing an amazing thing and are quite awed, so they were happy to donate.”

Tim, Matt and Hallam were joined by 22 other Red Cross participants, who raised £16,000 altogether.

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