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First aid training for gun and knife wounds

25 February 2009

First aid - gun and knife injury courseAndrew Teebay/Liverpool EchoWith knife crime such a prominent issue, the British Red Cross is supporting a charity that provides first aid training so people can help friends involved in a shooting or stabbing.

A group of Ghanaian nurses living in Merseyside – who previously served as Red Cross volunteers in their home country – recently became concerned that people in their area did not know how to help friends injured by violence.

After approaching the Red Cross for help in qualifying as first aid trainers, they set up a new charity – called Redeemer Aid – to teach first aid skills to community groups and youth clubs.

Preventing tragedies

Chris Ambler, service manager, said: “There is no point ignoring a problem. We need to teach people how to deal with a serious incident if it occurs. During the training, we also encourage young people not to carry weapons – hopefully, this will help prevent tragic incidents from happening in the future.”

The Merseyside paramedic service devised the special ‘gun and knife wound’ course and has helped roll out the training with the Red Cross.

Life-saving actions

Chris added: “We want to ensure that people know how to act if they are faced with such a terrifying situation. Often people stand by or call an ambulance and wait for it to arrive.

“We want to teach them that there are steps you can take to help that person until the ambulance arrives. These actions can really make the difference between life and death.”

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