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Red Cross and Tesco launch emergency response partnership

30 January 2009

Sir Nick Young and Tesco chairman signing agreementLloyd SturdyThe British Red Cross and Tesco launched a unique partnership on Wednesday to provide support for the Red Cross’ emergency response at a local, national and global level. The life-saving partnership will ensure the best possible response for communities affected by disaster, making a difference to people in the UK and across the world.

Tesco and the British Red Cross have been working together to help people affected by disasters and emergencies for over ten years, with the supermarket donating £3.9 million to emergency appeals.

Building on this legacy and the successful British Red Cross Tesco Charity of the Year partnership in 2007, the partnership will make use of all parts of Tesco’s business, including corporate donations, staff and customer giving, donation of goods and the global store and distribution network. It is the only partnership of its kind where this is the case and where support will be given for a range of emergencies, from small local UK incidents to major international disasters.

Official Tesco partner

David Reid, Tesco chairman, said: “Supporting people through times of disaster and emergency is a priority for Tesco. As our official partner for emergency relief, the British Red Cross will advise us on where, when and how to lend our support, be it cash, in-kind, or even people.

“This partnership means we will set aside money for quick response – money that the Red Cross knows is there and can be used – to add to its security and forward planning and to make sure that support arrives when it is needed, not days afterwards. In addition, when a major incident occurs in the UK, the Red Cross knows it can access food, water and supplies from local Tesco stores to bring relief to the affected community.”

Vitally important

Sir Nick Young, chief executive of the British Red Cross, said: “As a voluntary organisation, we are reliant on the goodwill of our most important supporters, such as Tesco, to respond effectively to emergencies.

“We consider this partnership vitally important and unique because Tesco consistently mobilises all parts of its business to support us during an emergency. It makes an enormous difference to how we can respond and undoubtedly will increase the number of innocent lives we save.”

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