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Action stations at the British 10k

13 July 2009

Event first aid volunteers and staff revive a casualtyAnthony Upton (BRC)British Red Cross event first aid volunteers and staff had to draw on all their training and experience after a man taking part in the British 10K London Run on 12 July collapsed at the finish line and stopped breathing.

Life saving CPR

Red Cross volunteers train rigorously for the worst case scenario but it's always a challenge dealing with the unexpected. As one runner was only ten metres from the finish line, he collapsed to the floor and first aiders had to spring into action. Quickly assessing the situation, they found he had stopped breathing and started giving life-saving CPR.

Their prompt action revived the man and by the time he was put in the ambulance for the journey to hospital, he was able to ask if he had made it across the line.

Keiran Smith, emergency planning officer said: "Our volunteers and staff work incredibly hard to ensure their skills and training are the best they can be. It's excellent to see that, when the worst happens, those skills can make an amazing difference to someone in a moment of crisis."

Dedicated and professional

He continued: "They do an excellent job covering events like these and I'm very proud that their actions, and the results, reflect how dedicated and professional they are."

Altogether the team of 35 treated 50 casualties from a field of 27,000 runners during the day, including seven serious injuries that they took on to hospital by ambulance.

The run starts at Piccadilly and follows a route past famous London landmarks finishing up on Whitehall, just past the Downing St gates.

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