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News June 2009

Woman sitting in a wheelbarrow, with 11 men and women stading behind her wearing Red Cross tabards. All smiling.

Blooming marvelous make-over in Knutsford

29 Jun 2009

Eleven green-fingered volunteers from Accenture teamed up to transform the garden at the British Red Cross’s Bradbury Respite Centre in Knutsford this month.

Flag of red crystal emblem

British Red Cross welcomes new emblem legislation

17 Jun 2009

The House of Commons has passed legislation enabling the use of the protective red crystal emblem, a move welcomed by the British Red Cross.

Children lean on the balcony of a cyclone shelter

Early warning saves lives

16 Jun 2009

Improved early warning systems and more effective preparation for disasters are vital to prevent major loss of life, according to the World Disasters Report 2009.

Event first aid volunteers at Royal Ascot

First aiders rise to the Royal Ascot challenge

22 Jun 2009

Over 300,000 people, royals, helicopters, limousines and 562 casualties - it's time for the challenge, and reward, of Royal Ascot again...

People stand on the edge of flood zone

Floodwaters in Namibia keep thousands in camps

05 Jun 2009

A Red Cross mass sanitation emergency response unit is helping prevent the outbreak of disease, as flooding continues in Namibia.

A family sits in a truck with their possessions as they flee

Funds needed as operations in Pakistan expand

05 Jun 2009

The Red Cross is stepping up its support for people affected by fighting in Pakistan, and as a result more funds are needed.

Cyclist Victoria Pendleton

Olympic champion Victoria Pendleton joins the Big Red Ride

12 Jun 2009

Join Olympic champion cyclist Victoria Pendleton as she gets on her bike for the British Red Cross.

Swat teaching hospital in Pakistan

Pakistan crisis worsens as more flee fighting

25 Jun 2009

As the estimated number of displaced people in Pakistan increases rapidly, the British Red Cross has made a £215,000 donation to help get food to those affected – but more money is urgently needed.

Woman holding framed document with man in front of two ambulances

Partnership makes East Midlands safer

26 Jun 2009

The British Red Cross and East Midlands Ambulance Service have celebrated their partnership by resigning a memorandum of understanding in Matlock.

Swine flu

Preparing for swine flu

11 Jun 2009

As United Nations health officials declare the first global flu pandemic in 40 years, the British Red Cross is primed and ready to offer support across the UK.

Cake sale in school

Primary school puts the bun into fundraising

17 Jun 2009

Kind-hearted primary school children and their teachers at Carron Primary School in Falkirk have cooked up a tasty way to raise funds for the British Red Cross.

Two people crouching behind a fence

Red Cross finds civilians in dire situation in Pakistan

01 Jun 2009

The Red Cross gained access to parts of Pakistan’s Swat Valley on 30 May to assess the humanitarian situation, for the first time since the onset of hostilities there.

Motorists stuck on the M1

Red Cross helps stranded motorists in M1 gridlock

11 Jun 2009

Red Cross volunteers helped hundreds of stricken motorists as the M1 came to a standstill in Hertfordshire after a man threatened to jump off a motorway gantry.

First aid male volunteer with police officer

Red Cross provides support during Glastonbury

23 Jun 2009

As tens of thousands of partygoers make their way to the Glastonbury festival, one intrepid Red Cross volunteer team is on standby to deal with any emergencies or injuries that may arise.

Ladies on Red Cross transport vehicle

Red Cross receives a boost in Arran

30 Jun 2009

The British Red Cross has received new funding for its transport service in Arran, thanks to the Strathclyde Partnership for Transport.

Eric, refugee from Rwanda - Refugee Week 2009

Refugees: time to look beyond the label

15 Jun 2009

To mark Refugee Week (15-21 June), the Red Cross has launched a bold new campaign asking people to look beyond the stereotypical ‘refugee’ label and highlighting the positive contribution many refugees make in the UK.

Woman sitting wearing sari with head covered

Shukoda’s story: Preparing women for cyclones

16 Jun 2009

Shukoda, from Subarnachar, in southern Bangladesh, was in her twenties when the cyclone of 1970 ravaged the coastline of Bangladesh.

Surrey FESS team

Surrey volunteers win Queen's Award

18 Jun 2009

British Red Cross fire and emergency support service volunteers in Surrey have been honoured with the prestigious Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service 2009.

Group of men carrying their belongings through a camp

Urgent appeal for civilians suffering in Pakistan crisis

18 Jun 2009

As the monsoon season threatens to make conditions worse, the British Red Cross has launched an urgent appeal to help civilians affected by the fighting in Pakistan.

ER volunteers in action at night

Volunteers help at massive Blackpool hotel fire

28 Jun 2009

Volunteers were quick to respond after a blazing fire erupted and destroyed a hotel, forcing hundreds of people to flee to safety.

ER volunteers in action at night

Volunteers help Romanians following Belfast racist attacks

17 Jun 2009

The British Red Cross is supporting a group of more than 100 Romanian people who have been evacuated from their homes in Belfast following a spate of racist attacks.