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Calling all parents – learn first aid at home

14 May 2009

First aid for childrenDerek Gordon (BRC)

Parents of babies and young children can now learn life-saving first aid skills in the comfort of their own homes, thanks to a unique new online learning resource from the British Red Cross.

Trying to ensure children’s safety is a big responsibility – and recent surveys on the topic don’t make for comfortable reading. Apparently, one in three people would not know what to do if a toddler was choking and more than a million children each year in the UK are involved in an accident at home.

But now anyone can learn first aid at home with the Red Cross’ new online resource – titled Children first aid – which is completely free and can be accessed from any computer. This is a unique opportunity, since no other major first aid provider offers a free online resource aimed specifically at parents. 

First aid at home

The problem for most parents of young children is that, while they may want to learn first aid skills, they often simply don’t have time to go on a course. And that’s why the Red Cross’ new resource is so useful. By simply logging on to the Red Cross website, parents can easily learn a range of basic first aid skills that could one day save their child’s life.

And such skills really can make a crucial difference. Just recently, parents Susan and Neale Blomley were able to save their baby daughter when she stopped breathing because they had learned how to react to a choking injury from the Red Cross.

Susan recalled: “Our story is proof that just a few simple first aid skills can make the difference. Having the proper skills – and the confidence to use them – saved our baby’s life.”

Easy to learn

Joe Mulligan, head of first aid services, said: “This great new resource demonstrates just how easy it is to pick up first aid skills. It’ll enable busy parents to learn in their own homes, at their own pace.

“And, because it provides so many different formats – including videos, animations, audio clips, quizzes and downloadable information – it’s suitable whatever your learning style.”

A poster or handy-sized ‘children first aid’ emergency tips card is available on the British Red Cross’ online shop for volunteers and staff.

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