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Create for Cross

11 May 2009

An artist creating a picture at the eventChristopher Chudleigh (BRC)Live art acompanied by a DJ set, a secret auction and a display of works from over 30 artists filled an otherwise empty shop on Bridge St in Cambridge, as the British Red Cross' Create for Cross exhibition took over the building for a week.

Create for Cross was an art exhibition featuring work from students, graduates and more established artists to raise money for and awareness of the Red Cross. Part of Hundred to Hundreds, a new project within the Red Cross youth division, its aim is for young volunteers to organise an event to raise as much money as possible with a budget of £100.

The exhibition, part of Red Cross Appeal Week, displayed work from over 30 illustrators, graphic designers, photographers and students. Some of the more famous names included Foe, Simon Wild and Paula Metcalf.

Live art

The exhibition ran between 4 and 9 May, with the opening event held on Sunday 3 May. A DJ played during the launch evening and artists Mr Gauky, Mr Millerchip and Tim Gresham created some art live which was exhibited and sold during the week.

The artwork was sold in a secret auction that took place throughout the week. The event raised over £1,000 for the Red Cross.

Empty shops become a community event

Trinity College and Bidwells lent one of their empty shops, and The Punter Pub donated the award for the prize draw.

Organisers Frida Green and Sam Peet said: “It is sad to see so many empty shops in Cambridge and we are thankful for this chance to create an event for the community in a space that otherwise would be unused.”

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