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Pioneering volunteer honoured with award

12 November 2009

Volunteer Barbara Alexander recieves awards from Trustee Stan FitchesBRCLong-serving volunteer Barbara Alexander was honoured this week with the prestigious and rare Badge of Honour Award for Distinguished Service to the British Red Cross.

Barbara, who has volunteered for the Red Cross for the past 46 years, set up the Red Cross centre in Lancaster over 40 years ago, enabling many people to learn first aid skills. She has also helped the organisation raise thousands of pounds by running charity events, including fashion shows.

Alison Dixey, operations director, said: “It’s important that we remind volunteers how valued they are and how vital they are to the success of the Red Cross. Barbara has given so much of her time to the Red Cross. Thanks to her hard work and dedication, many more vulnerable people throughout Lancashire have been helped.”

Helping vulnerable people throughout Lancashire

Barbara, who is a retired teacher, said: “I am very proud to accept the award on behalf of my fellow volunteers. I enjoy working for the Red Cross, as my father did before me, and have appreciated the loyalty and support of my fellow volunteers.”

The British Red Cross has over 27,000 volunteers and 3,000 staff. As one of the leading and most recognised volunteer organisations in the world, the Red Cross has seen a huge rise in volunteering enquiries since 2007. However, more help is always needed and highly valued.

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