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Agnes' story: wheelchair keeps me on the move

Agnes and the new medical equipment vehicle© InfoWhen pensioner Agnes Glen fell and badly fractured her ankle, there was one silver lining to the cloud – her local Red Cross centre had just launched a new wheelchair delivery service.

Agnes recalled: “I went to let the dog out and, as I opened the back door, caught my ankle on the raised door frame. I fell over, smashing it to pieces.” The fall was so severe that Agnes (69), from Milton of Campsie near Glasgow, needed surgery and faced being housebound for several weeks.

The Red Cross’ medical equipment service was quick to offer support in the form of a wheelchair loan. Even better, since her local Red Cross centre recently launched a mobile delivery vehicle, she was able to have the wheelchair delivered directly to her front door. The new vehicle was made possible by a £25,000 donation from the Rangers Charity Foundation.

Huge difference

“I would have been more or less stuck without it,” Agnes said. “I couldn’t bear weight for over six weeks so the wheelchair was the only means to get around. It allowed me to leave the house for a few hours during the day – and get to hospital appointments and the supermarket. It even helped me with the basics of moving around the house.”

Peter McCarthy, operations director, said: "Our medical equipment service helps around 1,500 people a year in the West of Scotland but, until now, people had to make their own way to our Hillington centre to collect equipment. The new vehicle will make a huge difference, enabling us to deliver equipment direct to people’s doorsteps.”

Wheelchair lifeline

He added: “It might seem like a simple thing, but when you're stuck at home for months on end with no means of getting around, our medical equipment is a real life-line and can make the world of difference."

Now firmly on the mend, Agnes said: “I’ll be making a donation to the Red Cross because I know their equipment requires a lot of maintenance. It’s a fantastic service that I’d definitely recommend to others.”

The new delivery vehicle will help the most isolated and vulnerable people throughout Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire and Inverclyde.

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